IDP is awarded with Teruel’s new logistic-industrial platform “PLATEA” project

IDP is awarded with Teruel’s new logistic-industrial platform “PLATEA” project

IDP has been awarded with the supra-municipal project of the Logistic-Industrial Platform “PLATEA” in Teruel at the initiative of the Government of Aragon.

PLATEA has been designed as an intermodal platform to promote the economic revitalization of the area of Teruel, being defined as a specialized area for the development of logistic, industrial and business activities, as well as a number of services in line with these activities.

The scope of the project developed by IDP consists in the drafting of the logistic-industrial platform project, including both urban documentation and urban development projects. The area covers an area of 254 hectares and has public areas and green spaces, areas of facilities, areas of productive activities, area of infrastructures and road network and public parking spaces.

The project will be fully implemented in BIM technology (Building Information Modelling) which allows you to design, plan, organise and manage the digital project construction and the later works, integrating all information into a single model parameterized in 7 dimensions, the 3 Physical dimensions, cost dimension and time dimension, energy and sustainability analysis and the integration with Facility Management systems.

With this action, the IDP group establishes itself as a leader in the development of centres for logistic-industrial distribution, having participated during the last 3 years in the field’s most important projects, with a total planned area of more than 15 million square meters.