Eduard Loscos, R+D Manager of the IDP Group, is the new president of BDTA

Eduard Loscos, R+D Manager of the IDP Group, is the new president of BDTA

Eduard Loscos, R+D Manager of the IDP Group, chairs the BDTA, Building Digital Twin Association, an association that brings together 17 founding organizations linked to the SPHERE project consortium, which aims to develop an open and ethical techno-economic ecosystem to move towards the full implementation of Digital Twin environments of buildings, involving all stakeholders and in all life cycles of Smart and Connected Real Estate Assets and Infrastructure of the AECOO sector (Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Operations).

The association is born with the aim of becoming an international initiative that fosters an open ecosystem to build Digital Twin environments in the AECOO sector, developing and publishing specific research, certifications and assets to drive the development of the Building Digital Twin sector and bringing together companies and individuals working together to shape the future of the sector.

BDTA’s guiding principles are as follows:

  •  Develop an open technology Framework ready to evolve as a community along a lifespan of AECOO assets and cities.
  • Provide a Citizen Centered Vision to guarantee Privacy and Ethical usage of the generated data.
  •  Synchronize updated information of smart and connected buildings towards an un-siloed complete information.
  •  Allow seamless environmental assessment across lifecycle for a circular management of the building environment.
  •  Optimize Energy Performance in buildings by reducing gap projections between lifecycle.
  •  Generate trustworthy to generate economical guarantee to current and new businesses in the AECOO sector.

The culture of innovation, continuous development and technological differentiation is one of the strategic pillars of IDP and has become the real engine of change and differentiation to provide differential value to our customers and society.

We are proud to participate in major innovative projects with leading technology partners around the world and to be part of leading associations, both national and international, that allow us to add synergies, knowledge, and experience to improve the competitiveness of our companies.

With this vision we joined the BDTA, Building Digital Twin Association, in which we will work together with a large network of European organizations.

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