Digitize your assets to meet the challenges of sustainability and operating efficiency

Digitize your assets to meet the challenges of sustainability and operating efficiency

From IDP, as a leading company in the digitization of assets with more than 200 digital twins implemented, we help you in the digital transformation of your assets, to optimize their maintenance and operation, as well as to monitor sustainability objectives by pursuing reductions in energy consumption and minimizing CO2 emissions.

In the wake of the CoVid crisis, we are experiencing a veritable explosion in the area of asset digitization. Prestigious analysts have made this explicit in the most reputable media:

  • According to Gartner, the main industry trend in 2021 is the Optimization of current business efficiency. And for this the essential measure used is the Digital Twin
  • 87% of Spanish industry executives believe that the Digital Twin or real-time data management are the essential technology components that enable industrial digitalization
  • 76% Of executives intend to increase their investments in digitization and implement more Industry 4.0 technologies by 2022
  • 53% of companies claim to have started automation processes by 2021 and by 2023 this number is expected to rise to 73%

Also, following the 2015 Paris summit (COP21), which laid the groundwork for the energy transition and the momentum of COP26 in 2021 in Glasgow, which accelerated the process, in June 2021 the full European Parliament committed to achieve climate neutrality by 2050, to release no more greenhouse gases than it can absorb, and to reduce its net CO2 emissions by at least 55 % by 2030.

From our experience, IDP has assessed the impact of the Digital Twins and already in 2021 we have observed an exponential increase of initiatives oriented to sustainability and Greenhouse Gas (GHG) reduction, on different fronts:

  • Real estate consumes 40% of energy and is responsible for 38% of global CO₂ emissions
  • The industrial sector in Spain is responsible for 37% of total energy consumption. Industrial emissions account for 30% of global GHG emissions
  • Buildings are the main consumers of energy and generators of emissions, with 75% of the building stock being energy inefficient
  • In addition, covid 19, which has shown us the need to have digitized processes in order to be able to continue operating remotely, and the NextGen funds for the same purpose, are being accelerated

From IDP we are helping these companies to verify the technology and the returns generated, as well as pioneering companies with processes already underway to scale up to their entire asset package.

The benefits obtained through digitization with IDP’s Digital Twin are centered on the following axes:

    • Improved information management
    • Reduced maintenance and operating costs
    • Reduction of energy consumption
    • Reduction of CO2 emissions

The methodology used by IDP is based on the following steps:

  1. Digital transformation consulting
  2. Digitization of assets
  3. Implementation of digital asset twins
  4. Maintenance and operation of the twins, pursuing those target needs such as analytics, prediction or simulation, and always updating the information