IDP awarded with the BIM in detail engineering of the Glorias tunnels (Barcelona)

IDP awarded with the BIM in detail engineering of the Glorias tunnels (Barcelona)

The consortium composed by the Rogasa, Arnó, Copisa & Comsa companies has awarded IDP to carry put the technical assistance for the development of the BIM in detail engineering works of the tunnels at the Glorias Square between the Badajoz & Castillejos streets, with an works execution price of 54.586.700 US$ (VAT not included) and an approximate duration of 48 months.

The urban tunnels, projected in two pipes with unidirectional circulation, have a total length of 957 meters, will collect the traffic of the Gran Vía, with an average IMD of 90.000 cars/day, and will canalize the cities entrance and exit traffic under the Glorias Square, guaranteeing the areas mobility once the Glorias ring has been demolished, allowing the creation of an new important articulated focal point around the squares equipment’s guaranteeing that the square turns into a big urban park.

The performance will be executed in two stages: the first one for the Castillejos-Badajoz section with a length of 508 meters and a depth of 25 meters under the square and a depth of 10 meters under the Gran Vía. It will also pass under the 4 existing infrastructures: Metro Line 1, Railroad R1 line Maçanet -Massanes, Railroad R3/R4 (lines de Manresa & Puigcerdà) and the Estación de Francia-Santos line.

This project is totally developed thru BIM “Building Information Modeling” technology, this technology allows to design, project, organize and direct the digital construction of the Project and its subsequent works. It integrates all the information in a parameterized, complete, unique and centralized model that shares all the participating agents that will take part during all the buildings life cycle.This digital model allows the integration of up to 7 dimensions – the 3 physic ones, cost (4th D), time (5th D), energetic and sustainability analysis (6th D) and the Facility Management systems integration (7th D) – speeding up the decision time and erasing mistakes thanks to a global knowledge of the project thru the model.

With this performance, IDP consolidates as the leading company in the development of civil engineering projects through the use of BIM technology.