Industries 360º transformation “Industry 5.0”

Industries 360º transformation “Industry 5.0”

We help our clients to transform their industries 360º, focusing on the RESILIENCE of the facilities, through their PROCESSES, on their ENERGY needs with a DECARBONIZATION vision, and on their DIGITALIZATION to monitor and learn from their operation.

Industrial sectors are today under great pressure from many fronts, the following being some of the main ones:

  • a great COMPETITION that forces us to be continuously OPTIMIZING THE PROCESSES,
  • the need for RESILIENCE of the facilities, to minimize the risks
  • current ENERGY PRICES that significantly reduce margins,
  • DECARBONIZATION obligations to reduce emissions,
  • the need for DIGITALIZATION that allows measuring and learning from exploitation decisions, oriented towards their optimization.

The strategy pursued by IDP with the integration of multidisciplinary expertise has allowed us to address the transformation needs of industries with A 360º VISION:

We face this challenge through our widely tested methodology, starting from exhaustive field work to identify the initial state, from which to propose valued improvements that allow clients to draw their execution plans in stages.