Laser scanning for the digitalization of assets

Laser scanning for the digitalization of assets

The survey of the point cloud consists of a laser scan that allows us to quickly, accurately and in high definition capture 3D data in the form of a point cloud that will help us create a parametric 3D BIM model, creating a precise basis for the subsequent modeling of the built environment.

Our goal is to develop a 3D model with a cloud of points with laser reflectance values ​​(grayscale), to be able to subsequently make the 3D models adjusted and accurate, on a completely reliable basis.

This system will provide us with all the information captured and stored in a single format, similar to that of a 3D photograph of the environment.

From here, we will pass from several documentation formats (photos, sketches, measurements, annotations) that must be organized and interpreted to obtain a 3D mind map, to a single format that is directly imported into a point cloud viewer software (free software), allowing this visualization and measurement directly on the points.

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