Generation of complex families in REVIT from a Point Cloud

Generation of complex families in REVIT from a Point Cloud

The use of laser scanning or point cloud systems is more and more common in the architecture and engineering scope. This new format of information, more complete and accurate, helps us to better understand the development and generation of our projects.

Basically, it is used to document the actual state of the asset to be intervened, thus we obtain a greater geometric accuracy when developing the BIM project.

These qualities, in BIM environments, allow us to model all sorts of families (elements or groups of elements that represent a specific object in 3 dimensions with information about its properties) with greater accuracy, thoroughness and, what’s most important, in less time as the investment of resources to adapt and understand the provided information, such as distorted images, is considerably reduced.

On the other hand, IDP’s experience in this type of complex modelling has led us to understand the great advantages that parametric families offer us, which have the capacity of adapting the elements to different dimensions or properties without having to generate several independent objects, to be able to solve parts of the architectonic model that, due to its complexity, would be very difficult to exactly reproduce within the conventional project’s environment.

The I+D+I BIM department of the IDP Group puts its daily efforts on the implementation of continuous improvement processes to contribute with the projects’ quality improvement and with the production times’ reduction.