Why implant BIM in your company?

Why implant BIM in your company?

The BIM methodology (Building Information Modelling) has meant a paradigm change in the concept of project projection and management. It is a leap forward in the evolution towards excellence and technification of the construction process, like the leap that took place with CAD systems (computer-aided design) in comparison with the pencil drawing manual.

The advantages of carrying out integral projects in BIM as opposed to traditional engineering lie mainly in the fact that we have the precise geometric representation of all the project components in a digital, integrated and coherent environment that allows us greater control of the information and its subsequent exploitation in the maintenance and operation phases.

Without a doubt, the benefits that the BIM provides us are multiple: it allows savings in costs and execution time, improves detection of interferences and errors, improves the processes and allows sharing information in real time between all the agents that intervene in the project, it is combined with other technologies, it allows the integration with databases for their exploitation in the maintenance and operations phase, etc.

BIM has come to stay and is gaining ground in all sectors, being essential to optimize business productivity and not lose competitiveness, but implementing the BIM methodology in our production system is a great challenge and it is essential to establish a strategy tailored to the needs of each company.

At IDP we work on the BIM implementation process in four phases adapted to the needs and deadlines of each client.

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