IDP developes the Jaume Viladoms educational center renewal IN Sabadell (Barcelona)

IDP developes the Jaume Viladoms educational center renewal IN Sabadell (Barcelona)

IDP has developed the engineering and architecture works for the construction and start up of the new Private Educational Center for the Education Services Collaboration Network (JAUME VILADOMS) in Sabadell (Barcelona).

The performance has turned an old industrial building into a new modern educational center, combining its use to educational equipment and rehabilitating it integrally. The center has been designed the give service to over 600 students from kindergarten to high school, having started at the center since the beginning of this year the kindergarten and elementary school classes.

The building has a total build surface of 3.715,20 m2, distributed in three floors. The intervention also includes the adaption of a part of the plot to enable it as the schoolyard with a surface of 900 m2 and the rest of the plot will be kept for a future extension of the center.

The works done by IDP go from the plot and detail study writing and processing, through the edification basic and executive projects, to the work direction and the quality control until the final start up and certification.

The projects have been entirely done through BIM “Building Information Modeling” technology which allows to design, project, organize and direct the digital construction of the project and the subsequent works.

With this performance IDP consolidates as a referent company in the development of projects through BIM technology.