World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2024

World Day for Safety and Health at Work 2024

As every April 28, the International Labour Organization commemorates the World Day for Safety and Health at Work.

Occupational safety and health is a crucial issue in the lives of workers and companies. Through this celebration, we seek to highlight the magnitude of the problem and demonstrate that a culture of prevention and awareness can contribute significantly to reducing the number of work-related deaths and injuries.

This year, the World Day will address the impact of climate change on occupational safety and health and analyse the challenges it presents for workers and businesses.

Climate change presents significant challenges to sustainable development and has a major impact on economic growth, employment and health. Changing weather patterns also have a significant impact on the world of work, affecting in particular the safety and health of the working population.

Examples of occupational hazards exacerbated by climate change include heat stress, UV radiation, air pollution, major industrial accidents, extreme weather events, increased vector-borne diseases, and increased exposure to plant protection products.

Faced with the impact of climate change on workplaces, the European Strategic Framework defines among its cross-cutting objectives that of “anticipating and managing the change in the new world of work brought about by the green, digital and demographic transitions“.

The IDP Group wants to make this objective its own, addressing the changes resulting from new forms of work organization, demographic evolution and climate change from a preventive perspective.

Ensuring safe and healthy work now in a changing climate!